Just for fun.

This time, I’m blogging for fun. No deadlines, no sense of urgency, no quota, no breaking stories, just posts when I want in my own time!

I’ll be going on an educational journey with 3D using Cinema 4D, posting up renders and leaving it open for critique and comment. Be gentle!

Hopefully after a while you’ll notice an improvement in the quality of renders and if you’re going on the same journey I am, perhaps my experience will eventually become helpful as well.

I use Photoshop every day at work as a finished artist and retoucher and while I’m not going to be doing tutorials, if I find something helpful or new, I’ll post about it.

As with Photoshop, I use Illustrator every day and again, if I find a new technique or faster way of doing something I’ll post it up.

I’ll also be posting photos up that I take from time to time. I’m by no means a good photographer, I simply haven’t spent enough time doing it, but I do enjoy taking photos with the bad habit of compensating for bad technique in Photoshop. I can hear photographers groaning already, hopefully I’ll slowly reverse that trend šŸ™‚

– Mark


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