Hello world, again.

Pen Cafe

Yes, yes, hello world and all that. If I’ve already created websites and graced the web with my presence on previous occasions, should I not write ‘hello world, nice to be back’?

I suppose I should write something now although this is more for testing purposes than anything else. Expect some changes in the near future as I get to grips with the self-hosted version of WordPress.

Having worked on websites with custom CMS as well as WordPress, it really is an easy choice to create a blog on this platform thanks to the user-friendly environment that Matt Mullenweg and his team have created. I can see myself getting sucked in to the realm of customisation but for now, I’m keeping it simple.

So what’s the blog all about and why ‘Living UX’? Firstly, I wasn’t going to stay up all night thinking of a clever or witty name and secondly I wanted a title that’s relevant to the content (which could be argued as time passes). Although my interests extend to User Experience on the web and in apps, I’m hoping to extend the usability and experience thinking to everyday life. Is that streetlight in the right place? Is the natural access to the stairs impeded in some way? Is the way-finding counterproductive to my intention? How does the lighting in the foyer effect my experience upon entry?

By constantly capturing emotive response to experiences and then questioning that response I have built a need for the why. Without wanting to sound like a fortune cookie, to ask questions is the way to understanding something and indeed someone on an emotional level.

As well as UX I’ll be posting about design and architecture, two areas of great interest, however I will refrain from regular critiquing and instead post about that which delights my visual senses.

As a retoucher, I have a real fascination with photography but rarely get the time to take photographs myself. Hopefully now this will change and as well as posting beautiful photos from around the web, I’ll get involved and post my own.

In a past life I worked as barista and the cafe culture was certainly embedded within me. Although great coffee is a cornerstone of a great cafe, I always seek out those that take pride in their shop through good design, uniqueness or quirkiness and offer a great experience. The cafes I’ll be posting about are those I recommend or found interesting in some way.

So there you have it. If things end up looking a little strange, it’s because I’m mucking about trying things so bear with me!